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Whole Exome Sequencing 100x (10-12 Giga base)

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Happy with the turnaround time for the first kit. Amazed by the attention of your customer care service...

Pippa, Edinburgh

I am very happy with my genomic results from LUCID. It was the only service I could find that would give me access to the full raw data. The best lifetime investment I could have made. 

Will, Pasadena

This is the future of medicine. But, as always, responsibility for our health starts with curiosity, knowledge, and information.

Dave, Brighton

Unreal.  I don't even know where to begin.  The level of resolution with this data is beyond belief. 

Kelly M.

I bought this for my husband.  Saw the report and then bought it for my whole family.  Thank you!

Sarah W.

Combine this with the blood data from Lab Me and you guys are unstoppable.  Beyond anything else on the market - you guys are a hidden gem!

Stephen A.